Mar 5, 2012

A thought for food

Good food and nutrition is one of my favourite subjects. I think the food you eat can make you happy and healthy or unbalanced and sick. If this is the way with people, it should definitely be the same with dogs.

Our borzois menu consist on raw, fresh, uncooked food, preferably organic.  I want to avoid any processed food in their nutrition. So, no kibbles on daily menu.

The dogs eat twice a day.
The breakfast is different raw meats (pork, beef, lamb, deer, reindeer, etc.) and organic raw egg yolks. Raw liver (or any other organ meat) is served on beakfast twice a week. Once a week sardines in olive oil instead of meat. The only cooked part of their menu is cooked organic quinoa, approximately ½ dl added to the breakfast meal.
The dogs get the daily supplements on the breakfast: fish oil, cod liver oil and cold pressed oraganic wheat germ oil, Solgar Ester-C vitamin and Dorwest Herbs Easy-Green -powder.
In wintertime the dogs get more fatty meats than in summertime.

The dinner is all about meaty bones and joints: chicken legs, necks and wings, turkey wings and throats, pork legs or rib joints.

The dogs also get raw knuckle bones several times a week - easy way to keep the teeth in excellent condition and get some important minerals at the same time. 

Our borzois have been very healthy dogs all their lives: no allergies, no skin rushes, no coat problmes, no ear or any other kind of infections. 
I personally think that nutrition plays an very important role in overall healthiness and wellbeing.