Sep 29, 2012

Time flies...and the puppies grow

Goshaga Ava Adore
Goshaga Miss Totalis
Goshaga Moondance
Goshaga Narayana
Goshaga O Fortuna
Goshaga Firestorm
Goshaga Wind'n Fire

All the puppies are standing self-stacked and free in these pictures. The pictures are from different days and the ages vary between 6 to 7,5 weeks. 

Aug 22, 2012

14 days

The little ones are opening their eyes now and starting to explore the world...
Goshaga Moondance
Goshaga Narayana

The puppies have names now!

Goshaga Ava Adore (the mahogany girl)
Goshaga Firestarter (the boy with a dark tail)
Goshaga Miss Totalis (the black girl)
Goshaga Moondance (the spotted tricolour girl)
Goshaga Narayana (the golden girl)
Goshaga O Fortuna (the black & tan girl)
Goshaga Wind'n Fire (the boy with the white tip in his tail)

Aug 16, 2012

Photo gallery

Added new link to this site: PHOTO GALLERY
This is where I update new photos of the Nera & Klasse puppies, etc.
Welcome to take a look!

Aug 13, 2012

Some more puppy photos!

Spotted tricolour girl
Mahogany girl
Golden girl
Spotted tricolour girl

Aug 11, 2012

Puppy photos!

Black & tan girl

Golden girl

Boy with a white tip in his tail

Black girl

Boy with a full dark tail

Mahogany girl
Spotted tricolour girl (who only wanted to be photographed in the milk bar)

The puppies are born!!!

GOSHAGA We will rock you -litter is born!!!
Nera gave birth to seven puppies at 8th of August!!

Nera and the puppies are doing very well. Nera enjoys her motherhood and the puppies are perky and growing nicely. :)
The litter is 2 males and 5 females - and there's lot of different colours. The males are somekind of red colour and in this picture they are second ones from both ends of the line.

More photos coming up soon!